gay porn parody

Another hot gay porn parody from the Stealth Fuckers series

‘Stealth Fuckers Part 11’ stars Bennett Anthony and Landon Mycles. This series has been filmed by and released by both ‘Drill My Hole’ and ‘Str8 To Gay.’ Both of these sites are a part of the famous network, and the other sites are: Big Dicks At School, Gods Of Men, Jizz Orgy, Men Behind The Scenes, Men Of UK, Super Gay Hero, The Gay Office and Top To Bottom.
The Movie
Landon Mycles is a frustrated husband. He loves his wife, but what he really wants is to be fucked up the ass with a huge dildo, or a strap-on. His wife refuses to do this, so Landon phones up Bennett Anthony, as he is an escort and Landon know his dream will cum true at last.
As soon as Bennett has walked through the door and got his money, he tells Landon to strip naked and to lie on the couch. He tells him to spread his legs, and then he gets a huge dildo out of his bag. Landon is already excited, and the camera zooms in close as Bennett pushes that dildo into Landon’s asshole. Landon strokes on his hard cock, and you can see by the lust in his eyes that he is really enjoying himself.
Landon then gets surprised as Bennett gets naked and shows him his hard dick. He tells Bennett that he is straight, but Bennett persuades him that he should try the real thing. He then kneels between Landon’s legs and he pushes his hard meaty cock deep into him and starts to fuck him.
They hear a noise at the door, and Landon realizes it’s his wife home. He gets Bennett on his back so that she doesn’t see him, and then he mounts his cock, and rides him as he talks to his wife.
As she carries on talking, Landon and Bennett quickly sneak off into the bedroom where Bennett fucks Landon’s butt hole standing up by the door. As Landon gets butt fucked, his wife knocks on the door. He opens the door enough for her to see his head, and as they talk for a minute, Bennett carries on driving his cock into him.
Once his wife goes away, Landon gets drilled in the missionary position, and then doggy style. He can feel his nuts tightening up, so he lies on his back and jerks himself off until he cums in thick globs over his slightly hairy body. Bennett Anthony kneels between his legs, and pretty soon his cum splashes onto Landon Mycles cum drenched body.
The Stars
Bennett Anthony is a well-known porn star all over the place. He is covered in some pretty great tattoos and he has some amazing ginger pubes. He is five foot eight inches tall, has red hair and bright blue eyes which make him stand out from the crowd. He is versatile with a seven inch cut dick and a lovely firm ass.
Bennett has starred in 42 hardcore movies for, and in his latest movie ‘Open Your Eyes Part 1’ he has a great threesome with Charlie Pattinson and Paul Canon.
Landon Mycles is a good looking guy with a cute face and an amazing tight ass. He is a six foot hunk with short cropped blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He is a versatile bottom with a six inch cut cock, and he has a lovely big pair of heavy balls that are mesmerizing to watch as he gets his ass drilled.
Landon has starred in 33 movies for, and in his first movie for back in September 2015, he fucks the ass off of Brenner Bolton in ‘Lustful.’
Stealth Fuckers is on of’s longest running series. So many hot names such as Jimmy Fanz, Tommy Regan, Diego Sans and Alex Mecum have all starred in this hot and popular series. It is a fantasy that a lot of men have, and it’s great to see so much cock sucking, ass eating, and butt play going on in this gay porn parody series, and the amount of cum that is dumped onto hot bodies is worth jerking off to yourself. See more here